Facing Childhood and Adolescence in Iowa’s Cedar Valley: Running Past the Trees

Running Past the Trees


Illustrated by: J.D. & Abby K.

Written by: Alex


I like going to my aunt’s house but this day was not so good.

I was running past the trees on the gravel while racing my big brother and sister.  All I could hear was my brother and sister telling me to hurry up.  When we finally got there, my aunt was serving tacos.  Some things I noticed when I was there was the happy feeling,  laughing, there was a dog barking.  When I took a look back at the dog I heard a chain snap.  In a split second, pain jolted to my knee.  I realized I was being bitten by a dog.  Soon my uncle got the dog off me quick, and they put something on me to stop the bleeding, and that’s all I remember.